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Boys Lacrosse Winter Break Clinics

Boys Lacrosse Summer Camp
Winter Break Boys Lacrosse Clinic

K - 8 (Beginning & Novice Players)


December 27 - 29, 2017

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

11 am - 12:30 pm


Designed for beginning (no experience necessary) and novice (some experience) players, these camps emphasize individual lacrosse skills but also incorporate some elements of game strategy. Session time includes both instruction and controlled scrimmages (once the players are at a level where a scrimmage is an effective learning tool). Camp also provides an opportunity to develop skills prior to trying out for a youth club lacrosse team. [Camp is not appropriate for experienced club-lacrosse players.]

Where appropriate and where possible based on the number of participants, campers will be divided by age and ability after observation by the coaching staff. With an instructor:player ratio of 8:1 or better, it is easy to facilitate multiple levels of instruction for different age groups.

Lead Instructor

This program will be led by an experienced, local, youth boys lacrosse coach.

Additional Instructors
Other local, experienced boys lacrosse coaches.
  • Campers must wear full boys lacrosse equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and lacrosse stick). Low-cost rental packages are available from The Edge Sports Center.
  • All campers should bring a water bottle containing PLAIN WATER. The best ones for lacrosse have plastic straws that allow drinking the water without taking your helmet off. Please write your camper's name on the container.
  • Players must have a mouth guard and wear an athletic protective cup.
  • CAMP Cost


    Equipment Rental Cost

    $35 (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and lacrosse stick)

    To download a Registration Form, click here.

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    The Indoor Lacrosse Facility at The Edge

    The Edge Sports Center has several field configurations available for use in Lacrosse Camps. Depending upon what the instructor wants to accomplish on a given day, one or the other configuration may be used.

    Full Field Team Practice Setup: The full 180' x 122' open field has been permanently lined to simulate the center section (lengthwise) of a full-sized lacrosse field, from the mid-field strip to the end-line beyond the goal. This allows enough space for a standard size 'Attack area,' with the corresponding mid-field area.

    Lacrosse SetupFull Field

    Two full-size, standard lacrosse goals are available in this configuration.

    The 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) Setup:Two full 3 v 3 Lacrosse (“Chumash”) fields can be fit into the 60 yard by 40 yard indoor field at The Edge Sports Center. This allows two games to be taking place simultaneously. Each field is equipped with a standard Chumash goal. There is protected space in the middle of the field for spectators.

    Lacrosse Chumash Setup

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